Hi! I am Manika Parasher, a software engineer by profession and an orator and writer by passion. I fell in love with writing in class 3 when my mother wrote a poem for me to recite in a poetry competition. I love writing poetry, articles, stories and basically anything, as long as i can write my heart out. Most of my writings are a reflection of my observations or feelings.

Besides that I love meeting new people, travelling, dancing and acting. I keep trying different things, because i feel it helps me learn and grow as a person.

Feel free to browse through my posts and let me know how you like it 🙂


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Manika….!!! U really r a true leader…. U rr just perfect…. U no…. P E R F E C T…!! Konsa guen nhi hai tujhmay for being a ultimate leader…. Gr8 organising ability, social adaptability, effective intelligence, determined, always ready too take initiative, CARING, lively, confident, power of expression, courage, ….. Etc etc etc…. I really feel proud for being ur frnd B)

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