I don’t deserve a good guy



I am not a feminist. At least not in the currently perceived extremist sense. I still have ample room for logic, common sense and I do make it a point to respect the opinion of people who beg to differ. Also, when I am very clear on something, I often have a stubborn unapologetic stand on that, which is exactly why I am writing this.

Take a look at the picture above. You must have seen this splashed across Facebook, Instagram or some other virtual world. If you haven’t then please do stare at it for a while and let me know if it offends you in any way because it certainly did offend me. Well, not the whole of it , just the first three lines. I mean like seriously? After being astronauts , CEOs of the world’s largest companies, doctors, engineers, chefs, army officers , pilots , singers, actors, models , writers and a gazillion other things why do we as a community still have to go through the abomination of being stereotyped and insulted in a way like this?

Why do I still need to know how to cook, clean and want kids in order to deserve a good guy? Can I simply not like cooking or not have an OCD about cleaning or not want kids for the love of my career and still deserve a man who loves and respects me as such? How does any of that make me less worthy of love, respect or freedom?

If a man says the same things it sounds normal and even exotic, but just as women come into the picture it starts sounding outrageously absurd and inadequate. Think about it. While we are still blatantly flouting all norms of freedom and equality, disrespecting fellow beings from our own species, should we be calling ourselves evolved and developing? I think not.



2 thoughts on “I don’t deserve a good guy

  1. You can’t know for sure the age of the kids (or teens….or *gulp* adults)who have time to make memes in their free time. But yeah, the first four I found insulting. The fourth one only if the girl herself is 6 feet xD I can understand wanting guys your own size ha. But yeah, the first four are definitely things misogynists consider good women to be. I want a world where women (if they have jobs) pay for themselves and husbands (if their wives work jobs too) do their own chores.

    1. Absolutely. 🙂 And i am not denying the fact that there are women who have stupid shallow expectations like 6ft tall and hot and all that. No relationship can be based on looks. This is just depends on how a person is. Man or woman doesn’t matter. We have the nice and not so nice in both genders. Its person specific not gender specific. 🙂

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