Where are we heading?

In stone age man was more or less a wild animal. With no control over urges and reflexes his reactions were more or less “do first think later”. Evolution was not so much in a physical rather the more integral mental, psychological and spiritual dimension. And then came civilization where we learnt to coexist, dress, eat, organize, respect other forms. That is when we became an extraordinary species. And now i guess its time to complete the cycle , we are going back to the non civilized world.Only this time we are worse than animals.

Women were dragged out of their cars and raped during the Jat protests! WTF is wrong with people?
What were those women doing now?
Provoking clothes?
Stopping you from protesting?

Its like
We are frustrated : Rape a woman
Oh! We don’t approve of her clothes : Rape her
She is gorgeous : Rape her
I want to feel manly : Rape her
I feel horny : Rape her
She is alone at night, she is asking for it : Rape her
She had a few drinks, she wants us to do it :Rape her

Where is decency? Where is humanity? Forcing your sexual desires on someone sounds manly or a way to show strength or a way to protest?

It just sounds perverted and coward to me.


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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