Time to choose

Destiny is a crafty ally
It slyly smiles as you gamble
Making a choice
To be or not to be
To do or not to do
To see or not to see
To keep standing in the warm water
Or venture out in cold distress
To keep your canvas under the veil
Or to undress

The thunder scared me
So much so it beckoned me
Out aloud, fierce and fearless
Strong and clear
A silent roar calling out to me
To come and be one with it
To taste harsh freedom
To smell the broth of uncertainty and elation
To see how untraveled paths look like
And to be a part of the ecstatic confusion

The day that i choose
To be the thunder or not to be
The day i cross over to one side
Is when my destiny
Will pick its cards
And play me like my worthiest enemy
Or like my closest friend
And that is the day I will know
The worth of the dream i chose to defend


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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