What comes to mind when i say “Friends”? Normal people will say “My friends, their faces, the fun we have blah blah blah”, but a 90s youngster would say “Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Phoebe! Oh i miss that!”. And then there is this one friend in every friend circle who would go all question mark faced after listening to that. Well, that’s me. In-fact that WAS me 1 month back. I recently finished watching all 10 seasons of Friends, and i sincerely do feel like an idiot for not having watched this earlier. Also, it just transported me into wonderful times. You know how?

  1. More people, less devices and a landline!
    Everyone did not have a mobile phone (the ones who did had the dumb ones, not the so called smart phones). So when they were having dinner , they would actually have human conversations rather than assaulting their phone screens with their thumbs (I am sure many people right now have “WTF” expression on their faces)! Also, they had landlines! Phones that stayed put when people went out with their friends.
  2. Phone books!
    Remember those phone books we used to have when we were kids?The really small cute ones with equally small pages! And they also had alphabets at the right so that we could arrange names according to that. They still used that!
  3. Developing photos and albums!
    When we didn’t have digital cameras and instant photo prints, we had the excitement of waiting for a photo to develop before we see it. Then they would be put into albums and then years later we could sit in our garden with our children and flip pages of that album. But now? Now we just scroll 😦
  4. Friendship and love
    I don’t mean to sound like grandma but lets face it, its true. We have become overly calculative today, even with matters of love and friendship. Too busy or too scared or too easy going or too much worry or too careless and the list is endless. Friendship and love both are really same, just different levels of caring and different levels of closeness. But them, they were beautiful. Just the way it should be.

    Where would i find this world , this magic era now? Perhaps at Central Perk?


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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