Its all in your head..

9-fears-facingNothing makes us weaker than fear does. Fear of failure, of hurt, of pain,of love, of hate, of a broken heart, of a lost mind, of being less, of being too much, of being weak, of being too strong, of relationships, of being single, of having no one, of having too many people around, being aloof, being too sensitive, of letting go, of holding on far too long and most of all, the fear of losing, losing control and losing people.

The thing about fear is, the more you are afraid of it, the more you run away from it, the more it will intimidate you. Being strong is not about not feeling scared, it is rather about knowing how to stand up against it, how to fight it and keep moving despite of it.

Fear is inside your head. Don’t let it get to your heart.


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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