It is difficult to take a road less travelled, because that road will not have footprints to guide you, neither will it be a smooth carpeted road. It will be full of challenges, hidden away beneath its dust. There will seldom be any reassurance of the fact that you will make it. But when you do travel that road, you will find treasures of experience and learning that the others will not, not because you’re lucky, but because you had the guts.

You will stumble, fall and get hurt, but you have to get up and have faith, not in the road but yourself. And when you reach your destination you will find that the journey has made you wiser and stronger, that your goals are no longer shallow wishes, rather you will have ruthless dreams that will not allow you to sleep, dreams that will instigate you to keep moving ,whatever the world might say. You will see your self metamorphosize into a traveller , from the destination seeker that you previously were. You will see that every mirror will show you a different you.

That road, will then bear your name under its dust.It will obliterate all your footprints, and maintain its pristine form. But it will remember you and protect your memory, so as to reveal to the few brave hearts who take that road after you, the same treasures that it revealed to you, yet quite differently.


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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