Public Indecency : Sorry what?

Yeah, I didn’t hear that. Or more like i didn’t understand that. Let me get this straight, Mumbai police arrested couples from hotels on the pretext of PUBLIC INDECENCY. As laughable as it might sound to everyone who have a sense of rationalization , its true. A lot of people will judge me after reading this, and that’s alright but I have a few questions that have been bothering me.

  1. In what dictionary or rule book or whatever the-great-indian-book-of-stupid-logics you refer to, is a HOTEL ROOM a public place?
  2. How do you determine that a couple is married or not? You expect me to carry a marriage certificate wherever I go with my fiance/husband or will sindoor and a mangalsutra do it?
  3. What gives the police or any one for that matter the right , to probe into the fact,that who am i with and where, except for my parents?
  4. Do we have a moral policing clause i don’t know about?
  5. Which PUBLIC INDECENCY did you see when you arrested these couples? Keep in mind, i am asking you PUBLIC indecency. And this doesn’t include what you saw after barging into some one’s hotel room uninvited.
  6. One of the people you arrested was with her fiance, you slapped her and still arrested her. What part of the word fiance is confusing?
  7. Lastly, do you also plan on raiding hotels, flats, houses, rooms, resorts all over the country and arrest couples indulging in public indecency?

There are a lot of things on which people have their own opinion and i do not feel that opinions need to be questioned all the time. Why did the police do what it did? Smoking is also something which is not considered healthy or good, why not arrest all the smokers? Or the people who drink? The answer to that is “That’s their choice”, and to that i say “So was this”.


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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