Soldier Diaries-1(1)

I don’t know whether I will see her again…alive. Nevertheless I don’t want her to feel burdened by my love, for I know that her love for her country is far greater than my love for her. She is a soldier. A soldier for life and a soldier for death. My wife.

People many a times mock and jeer at and blame us for not having a settled life. They blame her for being less of a wife, and none of a mother. We don’t have a child, because neither of us think that with the life we have chosen for ourselves, we will be able to give a child the sense of security, safety and closure that he deserves.

People called me less of a man because I do a lot of housework, because I never pressurized her to leave her job, because I don’t compel her to be the “ideal indian woman”. But I don’t care. Because I know she is an IDEAL INDIAN WOMAN, in my eyes. I had fallen in love with her, and having done so I had fallen in love with everything about her, her passion for the army, her free spirit, her voice , her smile…everything. Quite literally.And I have no intension of trading the girl i fell in love with, with a one which is more acceptable to the society.

I never yell or get mad at people, even when they are rude to me, neither does she. It’s important to understand, that each one of us have one life, and we should have a say in what to do with it. We never say anything because we have the courage to choose a life for ourselves, and then stand up for it, not expecting people to understand or accept us.

I know that at this moment as she is riding back in her army vehicle, she is thinking “I want to see you again Vikas, just pray for me. I will be back” and for that i have answered to her “I know”.


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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