Humans have had it in their veins and nerves to find ways to control everything. By everything i mean literally everything. We are driven by the urge to make things more comfortable, expected and convenient for ourselves sometimes even at the cost of its justifiability.

However far we might have ventured into space or however great has been our quest for control, one thing that has refused to become slave to our insanity is human emotions. Even with our ultra automated gadgets and extensive technology we have failed to fathom a way to control our emotions.

We still fall in love with the wrong person and we fall in love again even after getting hurt and resolving never to think about love ever again. We cry even when we know its of no use or that it would only cause more trouble. We get attached to people and things.

Emotions are controllable to a certain degree varying from person to person. Attachment with someone however, acts as an involuntary muscle movement, which happens without us even realizing it. Its only when the
person is not around for a while or leaves forever that we realize the depth of this emotion.

Attachments hurt for sure. Sometimes we get attached to people without any reason and that too unexpectedly. We get along with the people we least expect to in our first encounter. And it gets elevated to the next level when we get attached to them and miss them in our moments.

Attachments are hard to break. Letting go becomes a hell of a task, and most of the times we make it even more difficult. When the person isn’t around we miss their small little things which we usually don’t even bother to notice let alone appreciate. Not to be with them in the way we are used to being changes the definition of our day and we are forced to accept it, reluctantly so.

So in the core of it

Its not about when you came into my life
And not about how much you knew
Its just about you staying around long enough
To make my days feel incomplete without you


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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