Existing System

Steganography is a field where a lot of modifications and innovations are coming up and are a vital requirement at the same time. Although there are some sophisticted algorithms that are used for this purpose, yet most of the steganographic concealing is done using the LSB or Least Significant Bit Algorithm. The data in the current model is encoded directly to LSB of the image without making use of pixel modification. So, the security level is very low in such models. The hidden data could easy recovered by using steganalysis technique. Many steganalysis softwares are available in the market that can easily crack such images and retrieve the confidential data. So, the current model could be enhanced to increase the security level and making it more reliable. There some other softwares that make use of encryption techniques before encoding it to the image. Some of the encryption techniques commonly used in softwares are RSA algorithm, AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm, DES(Data Encryption Standard), Triple DES, and many more. This would certainly enhance the security levels from the previous model but even this software follows the LSB based steganography which is under attack. The RS steganalysis approach could now detect the hidden data stored at the LSB of the image thus making the software useless.


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