Conclusion and Future Scope


The project was successfully completed on time. The software designed brings in a new algorithm for image steganography which is on the grounds of LSB but without its predictability. Steganography is a fascinating and effective method of hiding data that has been used throughout history. Methods that can be employed to uncover such devious tactics, but the first step are awareness that such methods even exist. There are many good reasons as well to use this type of data hiding, including watermarking or a more secure central storage method for such things as passwords, or key processes. Regardless, the technology is easy to use and difficult to detect. The more that you know about its features and functionality, the more ahead you will be in the game.

This project has a lot of scope

  • An extension of this algorithm can be used to add more modules to the software where in audio and video clips can be used as carriers.
  • More levels of security can be added to make it even more difficult to crack.
  • It can be modified and enhanced to support more file formats.

A lot is yet to unraveled in this field. It can prove to be useful tool for our intelligence agencies, army and police as well.


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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