Imperfectly Perfect!

I am a girl, and i am anything but perfect. I don’t want to find a guy who is looking for a perfect girl, rather i want to find someone who can respect my imperfections and treat me like an equal. I do my bit, he does his

You’re looking for that girl
With the perfect hair
The hourglass figure
And oh so fair!
You’re looking for the one
Who will be good for your ego
And follow you selflessly
Wherever you go
You’re looking for the one who is easy to get
Who will always believe you
And be sweet as honey
No matter what you do
And maybe the one who will moon over you
For the dream guy that you seem
You’re all she can ever talk about
And see and hear and feel even in her dream

So there is still time mister
Wake up and see
I am not her
And i wont ever be
I don’t look like a doll
With my make up and my dresses
I look different everyday
Through joys and through stresses
I am not going to lean on you
For charting out my days
I have my own commitments
My own life and its ways
I am not going to follow you around
But yes i will walk by your side
I am going to be mad at you at times
When you’ve hurt me or you’ve lied
I am not going to worship you as perfect
But i will love you just the way you are
I won’t call you my dream come true
But my partner at par
I am not going to always be sugar
But i will understand you and stick around
I am going to be perfect
With the imperfections that i am abound


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