The World We Own



The world which belongs to us
We treat our days like freight trains
Running the rat race like blind men
Bound by similar chains


We own soaring bank balances
Yet souring relations
Sprawling villas
Yet stagnating inspirations


The only colors we know of
And that we see are silver and gold
And of course green
Owing to the riches our neighbors withhold


Once in a while pause
Listen to your fatigued inner voice
Which has gone hoarse
Yelling out to you the right choice


Smile at the person across the road
To respect your relationship of humanity
For once sleep under the starry blanket
Devoid of all insanity


Give a warm hug
To people who have loved you the way you are
Say sorry to the ones you have hurt
And write to the ones who are far


For a day be a kid and play around
Paint, write, laugh and dance
And even after a fight
Give your mate a chance


Close your eyes and sit back
To count the blessings you possess
Be yourself and feel the truth
Let go of the urge to profess


Sometime just go out in the open
To breathe in the blessed air
It will dawn upon your conscience
Its you, not life that has been unfair




Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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