User Modules

Charade is a steganographic software that is used to camouflage transmission of private/ secret messages. The basic product functions can be understood under the following headings

  1. The modules of the product

  2. The Triseed algorithm

  1. Modules of the product:

1.1 The User Module

The user module constitutes the core functions of the product. A user can login to the software using the username and password allotted by the administrator. The user module also has help tips on how to use the software and information about the software. Apart from this the user does not have any access to database or database structure for security reasons and also for the reason that it is not required.

1.2 The Administrator Module

The administrator module is more elaborate and dedicatedly an administrative module. It does not have encode decode facilities. In case the administrator needs to use these functions he needs to create a user for himself.

The Administrative module allows the administrator to

  1. Add a user and allot him a user name and password

  2. Remove a user

  3. View all the legitimate users

  4. View and monitor user logs, who logged in when

  5. Clear logs when needed

  6. Read about the software and the developer

  7. Seek help in form of FAQs on how to use the software


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