String Handling


Strings are one of the most heavily used data types in the Java Programming Language. It is no wonder that much thought has gone into the design of the String data type. They are immutable, fast and have almost all the operations that we might need on a daily basis.


public class AllStringFuctionExample {
public static void main(String[] args) {
String str = “All String function Example in java”;

// convert string into Lower case
String Lowercase = str.toLowerCase();
System.out.println(“Lower case String ==> ” + Lowercase);

// convert string into upper case
String Uppercase = str.toUpperCase();
System.out.println(“Upper case String ==> ” + Uppercase);

// Find length of the given string
System.out.println(“Length of the given string ==>” + str.length());

// Trim the given string i.e. remove all first and last the spaces from
// the string
String tempstr = “    String trimming example   “;
System.out.println(“String before trimming ==> ” + tempstr);
System.out.println(“String after trimming ==> ” + tempstr.trim());

// Find the character at the given index from the given string
System.out.println(“Character at the index 6 is ==> ” + str.charAt(6));

// find the substring between two index range
System.out.println(“String between index 3 to 9 is ==> ”
+ str.substring(3, 9));

// replace the character with another character
System.out.println(“String after replacement ==> ”
+ str.replace(‘a’, ‘Y’));

// replace the substring with another substring
System.out.println(“String after replacement ==> ”
+ str.replace(“java”, “loan”));


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