collection is a general term that means something like “a bunch of objects stored in a structured manner”. Java has various standard collection classes and using collections in Java allows you to organise data in memory in various convenient ways. Examples might include:

  • a simple list of strings;
  • mapping or association of strings to strings (e.g. country names to the names of their capitals);
  • a list that imposes some constraint, e.g. keeping strings in alphabetical order, or not allowing duplicates in the list.
  • basically used to store different datatypes
  • constitutes different types of classes which can be used as per requirement



  1. Set
  • Hash set
  • Tree set
  • Linked hash set


  1. Map
  • Hash map
  • Tree map


  1. List
  • Array List
  • Linked List
  • Vector list


  1. Iterator

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