Basics of Java

Today’s class was mostly an extension of yesterday’s class as we understood the concept of classes better, the flow of a java program. We discussed various errors some of us faced the previous day. With each error our instructor told us its cause and how to avoid it.

We were also told that java comes as Java SE, EE and ME. Since some of us were using Ubuntu so we also learnt how to install JDK on Ubuntu.

We were briefed about IDEs. What they are? What they do? How they make programming simpler. However we were also told that we would not be using any IDE for the beginning, instead we would be using notepad so as to learn better. The IDEs most popularly used by java developers are eclipse and netbeans. I have already worked with netbeans so I was looking forward to work with eclipse


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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