Starting with Java

Today was my first day as a trainee at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing. Its a beautiful campus , well equipped and also strict in terms of its rules and regulations. Today the first class was basically about introduction , our introduction, the institute, the teacher as well as the course we were going to pursue that is Java.

Java was a turnaround for the world of internet especially, because of its platform independence and portability. Java is one of the most widely used languages in the world. I also understood its structure, the classes, functions etc , the elements through which it behaves.

I also understood what makes java platform independent and how it has changed the face of software over the years.

After this introductory class we wrote a few simple programs to print various questions and had a question answer session where are doubts were cleared.

Thats the end of day 1. It was a good start. Looking forward to a learning experience.


Constructive and genuine appreciation and/or criticism most welcome

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